fiber blowing operation in progress Fiber blowing operation in progress

Optical Fiber Cable Network Solutions

Optical Fiber Cable network roll-out is a significantly complex activity involving outdoor locations and deployment of large amount of manpower and machines. Similar broad parameters, procedures and precautions are used whether building an OFC network for a Telecom Operator, Railways, Defence, Power utilities or any other such users. The complexity of rollout varies depending on geographical terrains and whether for NLD or Access Networks.

optical fiber cable installation

HFCL has more than two decades of experience in supplying and rolling out Optical Fiber Cable Networks, managing end-to-end activities from designing, planning, executing, testing and handover. The company has the know-how to implement Terrestrial and Aerial Optical Fiber links, whether in hard rock, soft soil, forest or hilly terrain. HFCL understands the critical importance of fiber networks in a communication systems’ overall wellbeing; a strong emphasis on quality and safety has been HFCL’s commitment, allowing delivery of reliable OFC networks across Indian geography.

networking setup and installation methodologies

Our comprehensive services cover the entire life-cycle of a network, including:

  • Requirement Analysis, OFC Network Design, Route Survey and Network Optimization
  • Vendor Selection, Material Management, Project Planning
  • Project Execution, Project Monitoring, Rerouting, As-built-drawings & documentation, overall Project Management
  • Dark fiber testing, AT, Audit, Handover, System Integration
  • OFC Maintenance and Warranty/AMC support