From 2010, HFCL is engaged as an execution partner for the marquee telecom provider to build its 4G-LTE Access Network and provide Project Management services in rolling out backbone and backhaul 4G Optical Fiber Cable Network and FTTH Network across Northern India. Currently, the Company is engaged in building facilities for 4th Generation BWA services in the Northern region in a phased manner. In addition to it, the Company has to also plan and implement infrastructure for the installation of OSP facilities which include the following:

  • NLD, Intra-city & Inter-city OFC or MW-based network for data transport and backhaul.
  • Mast with all utilities for installation of LTE eNodeB equipment.
  • Infrastructure for Aggregation Nodes viz AG1, AG2 & AG3 with all utilities, Shelter/Building, etc.
  • Infrastructure for eNodeB, AG1, etc. for coverage along highways.
  • NLD OFC Network for backhaul between AG-3 locations.
  • In addition to the above, infrastructure shall be provided for National Open Centre (NOC) and National Data Centre (NDC), National Call Centre(s) with complete utilities.
  • FTTH Infra for Home Connect.

The Challenge

Since optical fiber cable is mainly laid alongside the highways or city roads, there are frequent instances wherein adhering to the planned route becomes difficult. In such a scenario, it might lead to deviation in route. This, of course, cannot be done unless proper approval from the customer and ROW (Right of Way) is in place. Due to the hostile atmosphere in certain parts of the country, there could be constraints in obtaining ROW to lay optical fiber cable. This can have a direct impact on the delivery timelines and can be extremely time-consuming. Moreover, the presence of water tables, encroachment on the RoW Corridor, utility damage and fiber cut on the laid fiber are other challenges on the ground.

The Solution

HFCL encouraged a culture of “First Time Right” to ensure quality delivery to the customer. The Company implemented strong Project Management Frameworks that standardized the project-related governance processes. The framework facilitated the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques, along with managing overall risks/opportunities, metrics, and interdependencies among projects at the enterprise level.
Some of the key steps undertaken as part of the framework include:

The Outcome

HFCL’s innovative, advanced technology, customized and competitively priced comprehensive telecom solutions led to the fastest roll of 4G services by the telecom provider as against other operators in India. In north India, the company has so far executed 34,000 km of intra & more than one lakh km of NLD OFC Network for the operator. HFCL has also deployed an FTTH network connecting approx. 4.5 million home customers in 207 cities of northern India.